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    Long story short, I took a progesterone test last week (CD21). I was originally told I have low progesterone, and having been taking 20mg days 12-26.

    Now, a year later, I take my first progesterone test after having done 4/6 clomid cycles. The results come back WAY to high!!! The gal on the phone told me that EITHER (can't remember, seems like a blur now) my level was 2300 and should have been 100 OR my estrogen to progesterone ratio was 2300 and should have been 100. Now I'm no doctor, but HELLO!!! Of course the gal on the phone can never give you much info, and always says "those are questions for the doctor." :telephone: I will have to make an appointment basically to get my questions answered!! So frustrating.

    I've been ovulating, so I'm not sure if the hormones were just so out of balance that I wasn't producing quality eggs. I'm assuming that the levels being so off would create some sort of issue. On top of all of this AF is supposed to show her UGLY face tomorrow.

    Here lies the question:

    Did this mess up my first four rounds of Clomid, making it almost impossible to have a successful BFP cycle because of being so screwed up?

    Has anyone else had a similar situation?

    I don't want to go to the RE and pay totally out of pocket because insurance won't touch it, just to have them say I'm all wacked out and simply need to even myself out.

    Sorry for the long rant!!

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