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    Amber is almost 3 weeks old, I once again have mastitis on my right breast (had it during her first week due to the hospital pump, she was in special care). I've been giving her a formula or EBM bottle feed at about 11.30pm because that way she sleeps till 3/4am, has a quick BF and back down till 7am whereas if she has a BF at that time she is then up every hour during the night and we haven't mastered feeding lying down plus I don't like co-sleeping (I can act out dreams and there was a and incident with DS1 thats just put me off) and I have 2 older kids to get to school/nursery, one of whom is disabled and I simply don't have time to be tired!!!


    Is it normal...

    That I no longer feel full between feeds, please explain supply and demand, is it true that my breasts are now producing milk as she feeds?

    When I pump from the mastitis/right side I only get 10-20mls but from the left I get 60-70mls? Is this just the mastitis?

    She hasn't had a poo today?

    She is going 4-5hours between feeds? But when awake seems alert and eager to feed?

    HV was supposed to come out today and weigh her but never showed up and I was really looking forward to seeing if she has put weight on, so now I'm being a little neurotic!

    ps, there will be more, I'm making dinner and trying to calm down a hyperactive DS2 right now so my mind is a little split! :wacko:

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