SPD, what's gonna happen now?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by tanya, Apr 5, 2011.

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    Nov 10, 2010
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    I went for my 25 week midwife appointment this morning and she listened to my symptoms and diagnosed me with spd, she has referred me to a physio and says I'll get a band and excercises.
    I dont know what to expect, what will the physio do? Will I get as bad as google says? I'll prob end up with crutches according to the midwife and I'll have to be assessed for how far I can open my legs when I go into labour.

    I'm a bit scared tbh, just don't tell dh as I'm trying to make him believe it's nothing.
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    Hi Tanya, i was diagnosed with Pelvic Girdle Pain (same thing as SPD) last week by the physio. They just listened to everything i said, prodded and poked me a bit and checked my flexibility. Then she gave me a big lycra bump belt to lift the weight of the baby off the pubic bone.
    That was last tuesday. I had quite a bit of pain during the week in my stomach muscles, not the joints. I went back to her today and said it had been very sore. She's given me a different type of belt to try. It's one that you fasten really tight round your hips to hold your pelvis together basically.
    Absolutely worst case will be crutches, don't worry about that now, there's lots that they will try before resorting to that.
    Swimming might help you, straight leg kicks only.
    So then i was just told to not open my legs too wide. Not to recline on the sofa sit properly with back support and feet on the floor. If lying in bed, dont lie flat, have bent knees. I sleep on my side with a long pillow between my knees. (£10 Dunelm Mil). When rolling in bed, keep your knees together (easier said than done!).
    But yeah, your first appointment they'll just run through your medical history and ask you for all your symptoms, have a little prod and get you to stand on one leg then the other. Then bend forward whilst the press you in various places on your pelvis.
    Wear loose stretchy bottoms. I've had to take my top off both weeks, so a substantial bra too! :)
    But seriously, why she mentioned crutches to you at this stage?! that is absolutely worst case. 1 in 5 women get this to some degree. :hugs:

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