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    Just curious what early SPD feels like. I'm 17 weeks and for at least the last week or two I've had groin pain, mostly on the left side but now I'm getting it on the right side too. It's horrible to roll over in bed, lift a leg in the shower to wash, put on pants or panties while standing. Some days it's difficult to walk.
    I find if I'm on my feet more, like when I went grocery shopping yesterday, then it's worse. I can barely walk. I can hardly pull my legs up on the couch without excruciating pain.
    I saw the chiropractor last week and he stretched out my hips which helped for a day or two. I see him again tomorrow.
    Just curious what it feels like when it first starts and if it usually comes on at 15 weeks with a first pregnancy :( I'm not sure my doctor believes in this because I told him I was feeling groin pain all he said was "already?" And when I said I was going to the chiropractor he was satisfied.
    Any help girls? :hissy:
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    i had this really bad told the m/w and she thort it was just bubs lieing on a nerve when he grow it has gone away i could hardly move untill 22-23wks

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