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Discussion in 'Your Health & Wellbeing' started by charlie_lael, Oct 6, 2013.

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    The last couple of times me and DH have DTD I have noticed spotting. The first time this happened I just assumed we were a little rough, the spotting didn't last long. But this last time we DTD the night before last and I have not stopped spotting. I just finished AF about a week and a few days ago so it's not AF. This is making me nervous that something is wrong with me down there. Does anyone have any experience with this? This last time after we DTD I woke up the quite a bit of blood on my clothes so I was bleeding during DTD also. :\ Does anyone have any experience with this? I'm making an appointment with my GYN once he offices open back up on Monday. TIA
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    Is the blood new (red) or old (brown)- if it's red, then it's prob best to get checked- just in case- although our bodies can do some crazy stuff sometimes! If it's brown- then it's most likely old blood and sex is just loosening things up in there and causing some bleeding. You know your body best though- and to me, it's never gonna hurt to ask or get checked if only for that reassurance. I know the week after my period (back when I had periods lol)- I could still get some spotting after sex... that wasn't uncommon for me though.

    Could be plenty of common things I'm sure hun. Try not to worry. :hugs:
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    yes you need to call you obgyn asap and get might be something it might be nothing but i wouldnt leave it unchecked:hugs:

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