Starting first round of clomid, who's with me??

Discussion in 'TTC Buddies' started by Nicmama4, Nov 17, 2011.

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    Nov 8, 2011
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    Hello all!!

    I'm new to this site and not sure I'm doing this right or posting in the right spot but I'm giving it a shot :)

    Anyway, I am currently taking provera to induce my period and then I'll be starting my first round of clomid (50 mg) days 4-8. I have pcos but I believe it's a mild case as I have become pregnant 3 times on my own (one miscarriage) and once with the use of metformin. In the past year though it seems something has shifted and I've gained some weight and my periods have stopped completely :( so I'm going to see how clomid works for me. This will be our 4th and last child!

    Anyone in a similar boat and want to chat? This waiting game is killing me and I think it might help to have a buddy for encouragement (and complaining!!)

    Thanks ladies!

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