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Discussion in 'Natural Parenting' started by MissCurly, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Hiya all,

    I think i'm just looking for some reassurance really, and here is some background: my baby was sleeping beautifully in her cot until the age of about 5 months in her own room since 3 months, but thereafter when she realised that i wasnt there she would wake up so often and cry ensues.

    these days its become a right nightmare to get her to sleep alone, honestly ive tried so so so much to get her to sleep in her bed, but when you're battling it out at 3am its hard work, (and i really cant stand to cio/cc). so i had started to bring her to my bed where she sleeps reeeeally well!

    now, is almost 7 months getting 'old' for co sleeping? how long did you co sleep for? and have you managed to get them sleeping in their own bed? how did you do it?

    i think i wouldnt really mind doing this for a bit longer, but one my back really aches, and two i miss my cuddles with the husband as she sleeps between us.

    would love to hear your experiences xx
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    Possibly not very helpful, but Alice has never slept a night on her own. I'm happy to let her be the one to decide when she wants her own bed. I'd guess she'll be in with us for at least another year or two. She sleeps next to a bed guard though, so I still get cuddles with DH!

    There really aren't any rights and wrongs. It comes down to what works for your whole family. I'd really recommend reading Deborah Jackson's Three in a Bed. It covers lots of points about cosleeping, including what to do when you want your bed back to yourself!

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