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    Hi All - I'm new here, so hopefully I am posting this right :). My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for about 9 months now... We got pregnant, but then I had a miscarriage. This is the 4th month we've been trying since the miscarriage. Of course every month I symptom spot, promise myself I won't test early, and then test early ha... so, I figured I'd start contributing to a forum to talk with you other girls who are waiting and trying!

    Just like normal, I tested early - today was the first day I could use the 6 days before test, and I got BFN. Here's the thing though... last time I was pregnant, I had a lump in my throat that started about 4 days before I could take the early test. It lasted for a while, until I took tums to help it... I tested the first day I could and got a BFP. I've gotten the lump feeling in my throat before (kind of like you feel like a pill is stuck) but it lasts maybe an hour. Now, I have that lump feeling again, and it's been almost 6 days!! Also, last week I had some mild cramping for 2 days and on and off sore boobs. Oh, also my gums were bleeding when I floss... I read that it's a strange symptom of pregnancy. My gums never bleed when I floss, and they did for like 4 days or so. My boobs typically hurt before my period... and I'm due this saturday, but they also hurt last week. I also have never noticed ovulation cramping before, so the cramping is weird.

    But I tested this morning and BFN... I was so sure it was going to positive. Especially with this lump feeling! I'm not entirely sure when I ovulated.. I don't get a ton of discharge so that method is hard for me. I was taking my temp, but the damn thermometer broke mid-cycle haha, so I'm not sure when my temp went up. I since started again and it is up, so I know I ovulated, but not sure when. But if I was getting all of these symptoms already, I'd probably have enough HCG to show a positive, right? Or is there still a chance?

    Oh, also... I am super wet.. like a ton of thin, milky discharge.. sorry, so gross. I do get a wet feeling before my period, but I'm still 4 days away, and I don't typically get the discharge.

    Anyway, sorry this is so long, and thanks for listening. Let me know what you think :)

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