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Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by nkbapbt, Dec 26, 2009.

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    My 10 month old son, Lakai has been stuffed up for the last say 1.5 weeks. He was born 16 weeks prematurely so any sign of illness is always a worry.

    However his only issue is being stuffed up without any discharge from his nose. He isn't coughing, is eating the same, is not running a fever, sleeping the same amount (although later than usual) or acting any differently except that he is a tad more whiney/clinging that usual (but he is also a very cuddling and lovey dovey baby). He is however mouthing everything!! And drooling more than usual and snoring lots (something he did not do before now).

    I know that his symptoms could very well be caused by teething, but is there any way to tell for sure it's not a cold and just teething (besides seeing our Dr. because he is away for two weeks).

    Thanks ahead of time from a paranoid first time preemie momma!!!

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    Finn gets a stuffed up nose when a tooth pops through, the only way I really know the difference is the appearance of a tooth, if its a cold he'll get other cold symptoms instead of atooth. And the stuffy nose seems to come and go much quicker than a cold. I tend not to worry if its just a runny nose because he's got quite a few teeth and im getting used to it. I just pop his cot up with a few books to help him breathe cos he has no pillow and I like extra pillows if Im bunged up.And apply a bit of vapo rub stuff for babies.
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    I'm honestly not sure, Hannah's never really had a stuffy nose and never with teething (though she had a runny nose when her molars cut). Hope it's just teething and not a cold :hugs:

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