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    I've had such a confusing pregnancy, everyone telling me different things about my little boy. It's like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

    On my 20 week scan I found out that my little boy has only 2 rather than 3 arteries in his cord and the lady who was scanning me could'nt see both his kidneys due to the way he was laying. I was booked to see the specialist 2 weeks later.

    Go to that appointement and the specialist tells me that this means he will be a small baby, and early and that he could have a problem, usually with the kidneys but he found the other kidney and could find nothing wrong with him on the scan but wanted me to have regular growth scans throughout my pregnancy.

    After this I found out that my midwife who I really got on with was actually only covering maternity leave for someone and that she'd be leaving before my next visit. I got put onto my new midwife and on my first visit she tells me the opposite of what the specialist has told me and says that my bump is growing above average speed and sends me for yet another scan at 25 weeks and everything looks fine, he's on the large side of normal but although it wasn't said in so many words, the lady who was scanning me seemed to give the impression that she could'nt quite understand why I was sent for the scan.

    Then ontop of this I've been catching every bug going since christmas. Keep getting run down, diarrhoea, worse morning sickness than usual. Went to the docs and got sent to my midwife for a bloodtest to see if I am aneimic. She tells me she'll let me know if I am aneimic. I don't hear from her so assume I'm not. Next time I'm at the doctors she asks me why I didn't pick up my iron tablets that were put out for me as my blood tests came back as aneimic.

    Long story short but it turns out that out of 3 blood tests my new midwife took from me, one came back saying I was aneimic and she did'nt let me know and the other 2 were never recorded as when I went to see the specialist for my growth scan again she asked me why I'd not had my blood sugars or 28 week bloods taken. I had to have them all done again.

    I've only seen my new midwife twice, as every other time I've had to go she's either been off or too busy to see me so seen someone else, yet until I was handed over to her I'd seen the midwife who was covering her everytime. I'm seeing the midwife on tuesday, but again it's not my own midwife, when she comes to do my birthing plan it will have been 7 weeks since I will have seen her.

    I then had a bleed on bank hol Monday and had to go to my local hospital. She did the usual checks, urine, blood pressure etc and all was fine, the bleed had stopped as quick as it had started. She phoned the main hospital and they advised that I go up straight away for a scan to check the placenta. It was 7.30pm at the time. I got there for 8.15pm and was asked for my notes, they didn't even look at my notes and said they'd do my blood pressure. I said I'd already had that done less than an hour ago, same with urine etc she asked how much blood was in my urine and I said none and that there was no problem with my urine (which she'd have known if she'd read my notes) she would'nt believe me and said that there must be and insisted on another urine sample. Also asked if I had to use a pad to stop the bleeding, I said no, I was laying down, felt the blood and it stopped just as quick as it had started and that I felt fine and had no pains when it happened. She just would'nt take my word for it that I felt no pains etc, she was making me feel like a liar. I then asked when I'd be going for my scan, she looked a bit puzzled and said what scan? I said thats what I was sent here for, that I'd been asked to come in for a scan to check the placenta. She said to me that I'd be lucky, at that time of night and on a bank holiday. So I asked what I was actually there for then as I was told I was just going in for a scan. She said for an internal exam to find the source of the bleed and to check the babies heartrate (which again I'd already had done at my local hospital) I told her I'd already had his heart checked and all was fine but she insisted I had it done again.

    So she did it again, and also the zig zag line for his movement. I said that he didn't move much at that time of night as it's usually while I'm in bed at night, first thing in the morning and when I've eaten. She didn't answer me. I was on that for 20 mins then the doctor came and examined me, said they couldn't find the source of the bleed and said that although his heartrate was fine he was'nt moving as much as they'd like so I was to go on it gain. So round 2 for another 20 mins. By now it's gone 10pm and I'd not had anything to eat since noon so I say to the midwife that perhaps if I have something to eat it will get him moving and then I can go home lol She said she'd see if she could find me a sandwich. I tell her the only thing is I'm vegetarian. Again no answer, she walks off, is gone litrally seconds and says they have nothing vegetarian and walks off. My dads with me and I ask him to try and find a vending machine. He comes back with the only thing they had in there, a pack of crisps and a flapjack. Midwife turns around and says that I can't eat things from the vending machine in there. So typically after another 20 mins on the machine the result is pretty much the same. His heart rate is fine but he's not moved much. So by now the ward is closing and I get handed to a different midwife in the labour ward to go on the machine for a full hour.

    I go in there and she asks me if I'd prefer to stay in or go home. I said that I would prefer to go home as not only had I not eaten, I didn't have an overnight bag as I was told I was just having a scan plus I prefer my own bed and was exhausted by then. She looked shocked and asked why I wasn't offered anything to eat in the other ward and I said I was but was told nothing veggie. She said to me hold on a min, walks out and comes back with a pack of sandwiches, a carton of juice and a tub of ice cream. She said to me I'm afraid it's not dinner but it might help to get the baby moving. She also sat me upright as it helps to get the baby to move, unlike when I was laying flat in the other ward. As soon as I started eating my LO started making the needle jump all over the place, the midwife said that the doctor would def let me go on that but left me on the machine while she showed it to the doctor. She was gone for 25 minutes, and by then the effect of the food had worn off and my LO had stopped moving so much. When she came back she said she'd forgotten she'd left it on and had better show the doc the newer results. She unhooked me and took the other results off. While I was waiting I got cleaned up, put my shoes and coat on. She then comes in and says that the doctor wasn't as happy with the last result and I needed to stay in overnight. By now it's 11.40pm, I have no overnight bag with me, Have had no dinner, and am fighting to keep my eyes open. I asked for the reason for staying in and what tests I'd be having done over night. I'm told it's because the very last result he was'nt moving as much (think they were expecting him to do the irish jig constantly for the full hour) and that I would'nt have anything else done until the morning. So I say sorry, I'm going home then but I'll come back in the morning.

    I finally get let out at 12.10am and told to phone at 8.30am for my appointement for the next day where I'd finally have my scan and also have the monitor on me again.

    Next morning I phone at 8.30am, it rings and rings but nobody answers, and eventually it goes to a message saying 'there is nobody to take your call and no answerphone, please phone again later'. This constantly happens until 10.25am when someone answers the phone. She says she's been waiting for my phonecall and asks why I hadn't phoned earlier! Anyways, I get an appointement for 12noon, go up there loaded with food to make sure he's moving. Have my scan, everything is fine and go back on the monitor. She leaves me on for 30 mins. He moves no more or less than the night before and I'm thinking it's going to be a long day, but they let me go! I ask if they know what caused my bleed but they don't really give me a straight answer, just tell me to rest and to come back if there is a problem again.

    Sorry for such a long rant but all that palava and I am still none the wiser about why it happened, or if there is any problems.
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    oh that sounds awful, poor you, it all sounds so unorganised!
    i hope things get easier for you!:hugs::hugs:
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    Wow :o I am speachless. You poor woman! My gosh!!

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