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Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by nikkell77, Dec 18, 2009.

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    Mar 28, 2009
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    hi ...:D

    i was wondering if anyone could give me a bit of advise my baby is 5 wks and has suffered with constipation for the last 2 wks the health visitor had told me to give cool bolied water which i have been doing but it dosent seem to help he is currently on sma gold but i think it might be the milk he is taking 5oz every 3/4 hours he takes his milk with no problems but i am just worried about him not pooing it cant be good for him i have heard aptimal is good but i am worried about changing him over as i dont want to make it worse has anyone else had any problems with this and changed over with it affecting there babys

    thanks xxxx
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    I have had to change Stevie 3 times as we live overseas and formula milks seem to come and go here without warning. I didn't have any problems but I'd still check with you HV as we had no choice. It may not have been the best choice if you know what I mean.
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    Brady was on SMA and had the same problem, the water helped for a little while but then stopped. I tried Aptamil first which didn't help at all, he's now on Cow and Gate which he seems much happier on. He poos once a day now and its not as solid as it was on SMA.

    I think its just a case of trial and error though really.
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    Charlie was given SMA Gold when he first popped out and we switched him over to Aptamil when we got home which took his tummy a few days to adjust but then he was fine.

    However, we moved him over to Aptamil Comfort as it was easier on his tummy and helps keep them 'regular'. Maybe you could try him on this rather than the original?

    It will take a couple of days for his stomach to get used to the change, but it will be worth it for the little man in the long run. Charlie poo's at least once a day on this so it has the desired effect.

    Just a word of warning: their poo's and bottom burps are proper stinky on the Aptamil comfort so it might be wise to invest in a peg for your nose!!!


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