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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by spykey_uk, Apr 4, 2011.

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    Hi guys,

    There were two things that happened to me over the weekend which I am hoping may be early indications of pregnancy (or maybe I'm just being optimistic!).

    I am 6DPO today and there's about a week until I can test.

    I went to my parents at the weekend and their dog was acting VERY strange around me. He wouldn't leave my side, every time I sat down he jumped on my lap, he followed me to the bathroom and sat outside the door, when I went out he growled, and when I went for a nap he slept next to me.

    Having looked into this on google, it seems that some animals can predict pregnancy waaaayyy before we even know we're pregnant - so that was a weird, but hopefully positive sign!

    Then on Sunday night, we were just about to leave for home, when I started getting really sharp pains in what felt like my cervix. It was so painful that it took my breath away, and there was no way I could disguise it from my family. I passed it off as bad period pains and we decided to go home.

    The pains continued for about an hour and a half and were really painful. Then when I got home, I noticed that my CP had gone from open to tightly shut. My cervix was also really tender to the touch.

    I have never had anything like this before so I am really hoping that those were implantation pains. If so, maybe, just maybe, I was right about feeling pregnant this month.

    What do you think? x
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    sounds good ive been having lots of symptoms but sounds daft but i have no idea how to check my cp or what it should feel like??? Where can i get this info??
    Fingers crossed and :dust:

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