Taking LO swimming after being poorly?

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by iiTTCii, Oct 6, 2013.

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    My LO started to become ill last Thursday, with a high temp and was very unsettled. Me and oh had a cold last week so we are guessing she caught this (although she was never coughing or had a blocked nose). A nurse has been out to see her everyday up until today and she is now fine. Things started improving yesterday, where her temp went back to normal and she was her normal settled self. The nurse was happy to 'discharge' from their care today.
    My LO has weekly swimming lessons which are on a Monday. Do you think I should give tomorrow's lesson a miss as she's been ill?
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    if she hasn't had any cold type symptoms and is now back to herself, I would have thought it was ok
    I'm always funny about taking my LO swimming if he has had a runny nose or cough, because even when he hasn't these, he always gets one the day after swimming, he must react to the chlorine or something, IDK
    But if you are confdent she is well, then go for it. It may not have even been a cold in the first place I guess x

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