Tax credits underpaying...advice please?

Discussion in 'Work & Finance' started by Elliebump, Dec 20, 2009.

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    When my partner started work back in may we applied for working tax credits,and got awarded it. The letter stated we would get £141.?? or £142.?? (i can't remember exactly so will have to dig out letter) a week with child tax and working tax together.
    Anyway i've never recieved that much, and it changes all the time! I've been getting anything between £136 and £140.So two months ago i rang them up to ask what was going on, and she said that they have been paying the amount they said on the letter,so if i'm not recieving that,then i should check with my bank.But obviously my bank doesn't rob me of money every week and the statements prove i haven't been getting what i should be. So what do i do now?
    Also when my partner moved in with me i declared it(i'm 99% sure i did as i informed everybody else!) so when i phoned up in may to apply for working tax credits,they told me i hadn't declared i was living with my partner so have been overpaid and i would have to pay it all back.I explained how my partner moved in last nov,and he was unemployed due to being made redundant and there was no reason to why i wouldn't have rang them as i'd let every other benefit know.But apparently i didn't,so i dropped that issue.The woman told me i would have to now ring and apply for child tax and working tax credits all over again,and ask that they be backdated from November.I filled in the form that i eventually got sent and put that as a special request.I didnt get it backdated until november,so when i rang to ask why,i was told i had to write a letter.So i wrote a letter,and have had no reply even though they state they would reply within 15 days.So to cut a long story short- they want me to pay back what i was apparantly overpaid,even though my partner and i would have qualified for exactly the same amount i was getting.So in theory,if i pay that back,then we didn't recieve any tax credits for 6 months even though we were entitled to them?I've already lost out on 2 months working tax credits due to not being aware i could have got them:dohh:,i didn't put in a claim until oct08 when my baby was born in may so they only backdated it 3 months. Does anyone know what i should do now?Do i write again? Anyone experienced any of this?if so how did you deal with it and what did they do/say?Thanks in advance:thumbup:
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    grrr, this happened to me, and they still made me pay it back!!! i was pregnant and just come out of full time education, i was on income support when i should have been on job seekers they are still making me pay them a total of 800 pound and i really tried fighting it. They can really screw with your head so i know how frustrating this is!!!! I would keep trying to fight your corner but they generally have an answer for everything :( hope you get it sorted x

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