tearing my hair out with my 18 month old

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by babytots, Apr 11, 2009.

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    when she was a newborn she was a fab sleeper (well as fab at sleeping as a newborn can be iykwim) up until she was 8 months or so she pretty much slept quite well.

    but since then bedtime has become a nightmare. we'd get her in a routine and then a tooth would pop out or she would get ill and bam routine out of the window.

    no matter what i try she wont settle. the only time she does is if a) i'm cuddling her and she nods off or b) i sit/lay next to her and sing to her.

    with no.3 on the way i really want to get her in a routine and have her sharing a room with her sister permantly (she has done before and it worked quite well) not this time oh no.

    she crys so much she starts to panic. i think shes scared of the dark or something. its taken me an hour to settle her. then she woke after 5 mins (while i was typing this) so i went back in stood with my back to her and she calmed down. walked out the room left the door open with landing light on and as soon as i sat down on the bed she started crying again. shes now gone quiet no doubt spotted the books at the bottom of her cot and is reading those.

    anyone have any tips,advice pearls of wisdom that they would like to share as i have been in tears with how she acts at bedtime and its not been the first time either. kinda makes me feel guilty for having another baby when my toddler acts like a newborn.

    i'm even tempted to introduce a night bottle (it got worse when we cut out her bottles) as i am really at the end of my tether with her.

    my eldest the poor love was getting upset because she couldnt sleep and ended up screeching at her to lay down is suffering and i feel bad as she shouldnt have to but this needs to be done before baby comes otherwise be a complete nightmare!

    i guess i only have myself to blame when she was a baby her daddy didnt show her much love and when she was 4 months old we split up we eventually sorted things out and he moved back in when she was about 9 months old. so for those first 9 months of her life i tried to give her double the love to make up for it and have mothered her ever since even more so as shes a mummys girl and i never had that bond with my eldest as she was all for daddy.

    oh hum shes woken yet again (3rd time since typing) best go see to her.

    help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hissy: x

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