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    Hi ladies.. I'm using whitening toothpaste. I know I'm being impatient but it's been a week and I'm not seeing results, lol. I know it's going to take longer but I see no change whatsoever, which is frustrating! I know they aren't meant to provide drastic results really either.. unless maybe you use them forever? My original plan was to do this until the tube runs out and then go back to regular toothpaste and use the white strips..

    Has anyone used whitening strips? If so, brand & type, did they work?

    I'm considering going to my dentist and paying $300 to have them make up trays for me to whiten my teeth. Anyone gone through their dentist? What was the procedure called/what was involved and how were the results? Cost?


    ps, if it makes a difference, if there's anyone in the dental industry out there, lol.. I'm dealing with cigarette stains on my teeth, as I've "taken care of" my teeth, brushed them 2x daily etc always, no cavities or anything but they are still looking yellow? I did smoke for awhile, so possible culrpit??

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