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    I'm new and just popped in to introduce myself. My name's Jenna and I work as an Assistant Producer. I am often looking for people to contribute to various documentaries which mainly end up being family related!

    I have worked on Young Mum's Mansion recently and I am now looking for expectant teen mummies for a documentary for Channel 4.

    We are specifically looking for girls who are having a baby with someone who's from a different ethnic background and who's family's clash on how the baby should be brought up.

    Do you think your baby can bring your two families closer?

    Maybe you're worried about bringing your baby into a culture you know nothing about?

    We'd LOVE to hear what you think about relationships, family, parenting, teen life, culture etc.

    Your views could help shape this exciting new TV programme. Please note, we are NOT trying to make a programme which steretypes or insults anyone. That is not what we're about.

    If this is you, or you know someone who's in this situation, please get in touch. If not, I'd be very interested to hear your opinions regardless!
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