Tesco re opens its stores after security alert

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    Tesco stores closed following a security alert on Saturday, have been reopened as police continue a criminal investigation into the incidents.
    A total of 14 supermarkets across the country were closed on Saturday afternoon in what some reports suggested were as a result of a series of bomb scares.
    Tesco confirmed that all affected premises have now resumed trading. In a statement, the company said:
    "All 14 Tesco stores which were closed for a few hours yesterday following a security alert are now open as normal. The police are conducting a criminal investigation and Tesco cannot comment further."
    It is believed the closures cost Tesco millions of pounds in lost sales and one line of inquiry being pursued by police is of a possible financial motive behind the threats.
    Officers from Hertfordshire, where the firm has its headquarters,said no-one had been hurt and that there was no link to any form of extremism.

    Hmmm interesting although no idea why they would have went for tesco, it would have made more sense to go for ASDA as they are part of an American company but hey thats terrorists for ya

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