The Birth Of Evan (10 months late)

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    Before Induction
    I arrived at the hospital at 6 in the morning. Your mawmaw, Aunt Lacey and Daddy was with me as your great grandparents drove us up there. I went through the long process of registration and even seen another one of my ob.’s patients who was up there also. They finally got me up to my room about 30 min. later and I got changed into that dreaded hospital gown. Then the nurses took my blood pressure and temp and asked a hundred of questions. Dr. Daniels came in and talked to us about the induction process and also that I had to have antibiotics ( GBS). He also requested a enema.

    Getting started!
    They hooked me up to the monitor’s that let me hear your heartbeat and also a contraction monitor which lets them know how bad contractions was. I was already having some before they even hooked my IV drip up and boy do IV’s hurt. I had my antibiotics and Pitocin running into me now

    Early Labor
    Early labor was going by fast at 1 ½ cent. Dr. Daniels broke my water bag’s and then it was very fast from there. At 2 cent. My nurse asking me if I was wanting to get my epidural because if not I might not get one. I agreed. The person who does those came in right as I was 4 cent. ( went from 2 -4 in a hour). I felt a great relieve after he gave me that 1st dose and was able to enjoy my labor.

    Active Labor
    We had many people there to support us. I loved being able to watch how high my contraction monitor got ( 200+) was the highest I noticed. Before long I felt a lot of pressure but I thought it was just normal progress. About fifteen mins I felt you drop even lower and I decided to call my nurse to be checked. While I was being checked our guests was taking bets on how far I was dialated 3 of those was Jennifer who thought I was only 8 and your noni Sue and your Grandpa Danny who said I was already fully dialeted (10). My nurse looked at me and said the gates are open. I said WHAT!? She said you are ready to push.

    Pushing stage( getting close) & Birth!
    My nurse called my dr and they came in to get set up. I had starting pushing at 3:30ish. You was trying to come out with one foot at your head and the other at your chest so Dr. Daniels cut me to keep me from tearing. After 3:43 PM on Thursday December 13th of 2012 you made your grand entrance and like the stubborn baby you are you didn’t cry out until a nurse had to pat your back to make you. They then handed your over to me. I was so proud that I had actually been able to push you out as soon many people had said I would have a long and hard labor and end up with a c- section. You weighed 6 pounds and 5 oz and was 20 ¼ inches long.

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    Congratulations and thank you for your story!

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