The Fair Play for Children's Hospices campaign

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    There can be few things worse in life than being told that your child will die before you, but for an estimated 20,000 families in the UK this is a reality.

    Children's hospices provide an essential and free service for thousands of families but these vital support services receive only a small, unpredictable contribution from the government.

    The simple reality is that unless the government steps in, many children’s hospice services face cut backs and even closure.

    The Fair Play for Children’s Hospices campaign, working alongside Association of Children’s Hospices, aims to change this unacceptable situation. We’re NOT asking for donations - just that you Show Your Support and add your voice to the thousands of others calling for improvements in the way children’s hospice services are funded. Thank you for your support - together we really can make a difference!
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    I couldn't imagine anything worse :cry:

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