the one time i looked like a proper 'dobber'. ugh.

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    i'm 32weeks preg as you all know and feel/look/am huge. nothing seems to fit well and i have 1 pair of maternity jeans that are bootcut and 1 pair that are boy fit/wide leg. so this morning realised he hadn't dried my clothes - that being bootcut trousers and a vesttop. ugh.

    i had to put the wide leg on and of course my nice tops don't look good with wide leg and my black vest top was in dryer. so i put on a khaki coloured vest and mr.mans hoody. no make up. hair in bobble. omg... and i didn't even shower, i always get 1 when i come back :lol: so as you could imagine i looked ruff as anything and i was waiting outside babys nursery and a women who looked v.well groomed and smart looking was talking to me and i just couldn't look at her with my scruffy clothes on. and then to make it worse my son started telling her daughter he was in a grump and wasn't her friend and was stomping around!! #-o #-o

    oh and did i mention before we got outside school door i was glaring at her cause she parked infront of my car and didn't give me room to get out should i need to. i hope she seen our 308 and didn't think we were complete grumpy scruffs :rofl: i'm assuming she didn't see me glaring as she spoke to me.

    i wanted to die of shame.


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