Three Month Old Baby with A Decreased Appetite

Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by the_rhodora, Feb 28, 2017.

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    Hi all, I would love to get some advice as I am at my wits end. My baby is three and a half month old and since two weeks ago he started to to drink less formula. He usually could take about 150ml (5oz) per feed at every 4 hours but now he can only take about 100-120ml (3-4oz). His daily intake has gone down from 750ml (25oz) to 600ml (20oz) He seems to be disinterested in feeding in general and no longer gives hunger signs. We can never figure out when he is hungry. Just before his lack of interest in milk, he started sleeping through the night from 9pm - 5am. But now he is drinking less, he is back to one night feed at 2-3am. Overall there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with him during the day. He is smiley, energetic and ready to play. He sleeps well. He is still gaining weight but at a much slower speed. I am very concerned that if this goes on any longer he is not going to get enough nutrients. Another thing I should mention is that he was born with a temporary lactose intolerance and was put on lactaid, and at the end of two months we have been gradually giving him less lataid to see how he would do. Before his decreased appetite we have just stopped giving him lactaid altogether. Could this contribute to his appetite issue?
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    I found mine usually ate less just before a growth spurt which often happens around 3 months. Where is he on the centile chart in terms of weight and how much has that changed? If he's happy and still hovering roughly close to the range he's always been in, I wouldn't be too worried. If he's dropping centile quickly from 75th to 50th to 40th or 30th, yes that would concern me. They do tend to even out and plateau at a certain range at 3 ish months, so if for him that's a little lower than where he was, it makes sense that he might eat a little less for a bit.

    No idea about the lactose intolerance but if he isn't feeling well that would explain it too.

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