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    Hi I just wondered how you guys worked out your timings. We are almost at the end of week 2 of weaning and LO has been having 2 meals a day - but just a couple of spoons.

    Here is our typical schedule:

    6am: 7oz bottle
    9.30am (ish): baby rice with fruit & 6oz bottle
    1.30: 7oz bottle
    4pm: couple of spoons of veg & water
    5.30pm: 5oz bottle
    7.30-8pm: 8oz bottle

    His dinner seems a bit early but if I don't do it then he gets too hungry and just wants bottle. And if I don't give him the 5.30 bottle he only last til about 6pm then wants bottle then bed and wakes up around midnight for a top-up.

    He doesn't consistently sleep through and if he wakes in the night then he skips his 6am bottle and we do breakfast and bottle.

    He likes the food and opens his mouth for the spoon and takes the food happily.

    Will the timings work themselves out? Am I worrying about nothing?
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    I didn't want to read and run, but I don't know the answer. Probably the timing will work itself out however. I breastfeed on demand, but do give Clara 3 meals a day (most days - sometimes only 2) and I try to give them at relatively the same time each day. Good luck hun.

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