To move or not to move?

Discussion in 'Teen Pregnancy' started by lilosmum, Jun 2, 2011.

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    Me, OH & DD currently live with my mum, step dad & brother in a small 3 bed house - as you can imagine it is a bit of a squeeze. With LO#2 on the way me & OH have been looking at the idea of getting own place. I do not have a job cos we worked out it wouldn't be worth it by the time we paid for childcare. But OH works full-time and has recently been promoted as he has been working there for 2 years now.

    The thing is we have found some nice 2 bedroom flats with communal gardens etc that theoretically would be affordable. And OH has some savings that we have been putting by for a rainy day but will now go on LO#2 luckily i still have a lot of DD baby stuff so hopefully we will not have to buy to much for the baby.

    But neither of us have any idea how much it is going to cost us to move out and furnish the new place. And i was just wondering if any of you on here have any advice on the matter and think we should go ahead and move out or not?
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    I know im not preggers but i thought i could help :)

    We moved out and paid 500 bond 2 months rent which was 1000 and then set up the house for between 500-700. i think it all came to somewhere around the 2000 mark. We were lucky that our kitchen had everything in it...fridge, freezer, microwave, washing machine etc so we didn't need to buy anything big. We got given our 2 sofa's and alot we pretty much had tbh it was more stuff like towels and plates, cleaning products iron etc that we had to buy and we got most of that from argos :) xx
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    You can definitely furnish inexpensively if the basics (fridge,stove..) are all there.
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    You should look for a small house or apartment that can be rented furnished or unfurnished. Most rental properties now come as standard with mod-cons (fridge, freezer, cooker, washing machine and tumble drier). But if you don't have much savings and can't afford your own furnishings, you should consider renting a house or apartment that is furnished (furniture, sofas, glasses, table and chairs etc).

    You should make a list of the basic appliances you will need, such as a kettle, toaster, cutlery, hoover, towels, cook-ware, kitchen utensils, a TV if you don't have one etc... Once you have made your list of essential appliances (everyones will be different because you will know yourself what you can and can't live without) start looking on-lining and pricing around for the best deals, sales in stores like Harvey Norman, Argos, British Home Stores, Next, Sainsburies, Tesco and ASDA. This way you can pick up your appliances for a fraction of the price :thumbup:

    You said your Oh works... does he work less than 24 hours a week? If so, you will be entitled to housing benefit to private rent a 3 bedroom house (one bedroom for you and OH, one for Lily and one for baby number 2). You should make an appointment with your local housing executive xx
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    Thanks for all the advice ladies, I haven't been to see the local housing association because i was talking to my friends mum (who is executive manager at the local job center) and she said that we would not be entitled to much if anything and because we are not an emergency case it would take us years and years to get benefit or funding. As OH works full time, He works 7-4 mon-fri then usually does overtime 7-12 on the weekends!

    We have looked online at local flats etc and have found a really nice 2 bedroom flat that is not fully furnished but has fridge, freezer, washing machine, oven etc. and is well within our price range and isn't that far away which means we will still be near my mum - so we have booked an appointment to go and view Saturday afternoon and hopefully it will be ok but who know!
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    When I moved in with OH last year (we have since moved back in with my mum for the time being because of dry rot in the house) we were given nearly everything that we needed, people were so generous with us and we only had to buy a washing machine and fridge, which we bought after moving in and just used the launderette until the next months wages. So make sure that you tell enough people that you are moving out. Also have a look on ebay/facebook groups of people wanting to sell stuff in your area/local newspaper, theres always bargains to be had on those. Good luck xxx

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