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Discussion in 'Toddler & Pre-School' started by dizzyisacow, Nov 14, 2011.

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    i need some help.
    Ari was almost toilet trained, he loved going he asked to go and he had about 1-2 accidents a day and never poo accidents. and always run off to the toilet without even waiting for me.

    we went to my mils for a few days and he peed himself AND pooed himself constantly, i assume it was because he was busy,stimulated with lots to do and didnt want to stop to go off to the toilet.
    anyway he went to nursery again today and he peed his trousers ONCE like he has been for the past month or so, im perfectly fine with an accident or two a day, its normal until he learns but they said maybe he isnt ready and put a nappy on him :cry::growlmad:

    how do i proceed? i need all your toilet training tips, i used to give stickers but he wants the whole lot and screams if i dont give it to him, just now i gave him a lollipop if he agreed to go, this was after he pooed in his nappy they put on him before i had time to remove it :nope:
    next time ill tell him if he goes to the toilet we will listen to a song on youtube as he loves that. any ideas what else to do?
    i will most certainly tell his nursery he will remain without a nappy and he IS ready. he has been doing great and im not going to give it all up and start over.:nope:
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    I agree that putting him back in nappies is a bad idea. I tried stickers and it didn't work, ds also wanted them all! I didn't want to do sweets as reward because I was worried that he would never want to use the potty/toilet with out a reward!

    In the end I just went with lots of praise when he used the potty and 'not to worry' when he had an accident. It was hard because he started weeing on purpose when he was being naughty then refusing to take off his wet clothes and jumping in the puddle! In the end I think he worked out it was no fun being wet!

    Ds has just turned 3 and only wears on nappy at night [not ready to tackle that yet!] he still has the odd accident which is mainly when he can't get his trousers down fast enough. We keep the potty in the same place downstairs so he can find it quickly. At first I used to ask him regulary if he need to use it but now I know he has good bladder control so I don't ask him unless we are about to go out. My next task is to get him use to using the toilet :dohh:

    Good luck :flower:

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