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  1. xGemx

    xGemx Mum of Two x

    Sep 4, 2008
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    ...that I HOPEFULLY find out what my little bubs is - a boy or a girl!

    The scan I went on two weeks ago and the accompanying dvd footage has actually caused quite alot of controversy, on here and on in-gender.

    The sonogropher who performed this scan said she was 80% sure that my baby was a girl due to the lack of obvious boy bits. However, the majority of the very experienced ladies on in-gender (including the forum leader who is a sonographer herself) said that they thought my baby was a boy. A few however did think girl.

    You ladies a couple of weeks ago thought boy too!

    I have been convinced from the beginning that my baby is a girl, and so has my mum. Plus, the baby's heart rate at 18w1d is 155, the wedding ring swings from side to side. I crave sweets and OJ and I am bigger now than I was with my son.

    Here is the link to the in-gender thread...

    And here is the video (again!)...

    So all will finally bve revealed tomorrow at 4.10pm!

    But one last time, what do you think?!...

  2. please08

    please08 Dolly, Dinkie & The Bump

    May 5, 2008
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    Best of Luck xxx
  3. sezzlebum

    sezzlebum Guest

    good luck!

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