Too Soon for This??

Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by Bubbles24, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Bubbles24

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    Nov 16, 2011
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    The day before my most fertile day I had spotting.. never has happend to me before so im not too sure what it ment . I dont know for sure if i even ovulated. Soo 2 nights ago I started to feel like I was cramping (almost like my period was showing up too early). Now today I feel so sick! I thought it was because I woke up hungry. I ate a banana and it went away but only for about 30 min I know its too soon to test for pregnancy and we werent even really trying. we talked about a 3rd baby and i even got my iud removed but after 5 months of nothing we kind of gave up. Does it sound like its too soon to have symptoms?? I might just have a bug?? My Boobs are not sore at all and that was always my major give away... Help Please
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    Apr 25, 2009
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    Aww I wish I knew that answer and could help! It could go either way but I hope when you do see the results you are looking for =)

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