Trapped wind / colic

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by Mervs Mum, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Mervs Mum

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    Dec 29, 2007
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    I think Hebe is suffering with trapped wind or possibly colic. :(

    The MW says its not colic as she's BF but I know of babies who had colic that were BF.

    She's unsettled, drawing her knees up and when she does go to sleep she's whimpering and yelping or wakes and lets out a yell and cries :( It's so sad - poor little mite.

    She cant seem to get her burps up too well - she's trumping very smelly trumps though so its making its way out her bottom a bit, which is something I suppose.

    When she's feeding, she latches pretty well except when she's upset or cross she inititally latches fine then you can hear her swallowing in air!:hissy:

    I've given her Infacol and my sister brought me some gripe water but that says not to be used under 1 month :(

    I've been massaging her calves as I read they are an accupressure point for the stomach.

    Any other tips?? I just wanna cry for her when I listen to her gasping and whimpering in her sleep :cry:

  2. x-amy-x

    x-amy-x Mammy

    Feb 13, 2008
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    Hang in there with the infacol. Give a dropper full before EVERY feed. It made a huge difference to my LO but only when i was persistent with it. Also, try laying her over your lap and massage her back, this in turn puts pressure on her tummy and helps release trapped wind, it's also relaxing for your LO.

    Gripe water didn't agree with my LO, it brought up wind by forcing out the milk with it.

    If she doesn't improve i would take her to see your GP he might give her Colief.

  3. nikky0907

    nikky0907 Well-Known Member

    Feb 16, 2008
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    The same thing was with Lola when she was 2 weeks.She was quite gassy and had an upset tummy.
    It helped when I massaged it and putting some warm cloths on it,it lasted about 4 days or so...
    I agree with Amy,if nothing changes take her to her GP. :hugs:
  4. ryder

    ryder Mum to Jasmine & Peyton

    Mar 25, 2008
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    This happened the second night in the hospital for us... One of the nurses told me I should be feeding her more, so I tried and she just ended up so gassy and crying. So I refuse to feed her and closer then 3hrs.

    Im using formula and expressed BM... She seems to be fine unless I dont burp her well enough...

    I also found sitting her up alot or holding her so I can pat her bum seems to help keep things moving too...

    Good luck! Im sure I will end up with her having bad colic again sometime lol...
  5. codiontour

    codiontour One DD and 40+5w/DS:)

    Dec 27, 2007
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    i have no advice, i just wanna say Hebe looks ADORABLE in your pic!
  6. LaDY

    LaDY Mummy Of Two xx

    Oct 5, 2007
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    Hey hun my MV used to tell me the that my bubs couldnt have colic because i was breastfeeding...but my LO was in a state sometimes. I used infacol for sometime which helped but soon after i went to see the GP and they gave me colief and it was just what i needed it was LO seemed so much happier...

    Goodluck hun xx
  7. Christine33

    Christine33 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2008
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    ali suffered from really bad colic/wind. i found it soo upsetting. fourtunatley he seems to have outgrown it (thank god) and the screaming fits in the evening have come to an end.....(so there is light at the end of the tunnel).

    the only thing i found that helped was smaller and frequent feeds and infacol did help. also a bath in the evening helps as does a massage with baby oil around the belly area.


  8. Ema

    Ema Mummy :) xxx

    Mar 26, 2008
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    Hey hunni i feel your pain!!

    So far we've tried so much!! He was on infacol and i was giving it regliously EVERY FEED...caused bloody runny poo!! So doc took him off that. Then we tried nothing, that didnt work. So back to doc he gave me colief which goes in EVERY bottle, and does help as i ran out in the middle of the night once and the next day was a NIGHTMARE. It doesnt stop the crying etc but it helps. My Doc told me to give him gripe water even tho it said not for under 1 months. So i did give him it from 2 weeks and it helps bring up the wind a bit. But what i do is give half of it, half way through the feed and burp then so that brings up the first bit of wind and then give the rest of the 5ml at the end to bring up the rest (bought some shringes from sainsburys :)) Also because he has acid reflux he has to have 15ml of baby gaviscon after every feed once he's bruped to help ease the acid running up and down his throat.And is on easy digest milk! And even after all of this the poor lil soul is still in pain!! Doc said it will get worse before it gets better as he only coming up to 4 weeks now, and it tends to last until the 3 month stage.

    Pop the chemist and get some colief, if the infacol doesnt help. You dont need a prescription but it does cost 9.99 a go and that will only last about a week, so can be expensive but i have found it helps as it helps them digest there food better :) and if it works nip the doc and they prescibe it if it helps :) Also ring your HV or doc and ask about gripe water. When i went to see me doc he said if i just give him the 5ml no more than 6 times a day he will be fine :) But ive found boots own brand the best to be honest :) Hopefully it isnt colic i wouldnt wish this on any lil soul as its heartbreaking to watch them in pain.

    Oh another tips i have got from HV and doc (sorry to go on :rofl:)
    Winding half way through the feeds, so air bubbles dont get trapped under milk.
    I went out and bought a maternity wedge(bump support 9.99 from mothercare) and put it under his matteress(told by HV) so he aint lying flat :) as that can help with wind.
    Massaging stomach, or lay her flat on her tummy on your knees and rub her back :)
    If you do every go back to bottles or express and use bottles. Use Dr Browns. Ive tried every bottle going :rofl: (got 5 different brands sets of 8) and these are the best by far after spending over £200 on bloody bottles they are pricey at 19.99 for 4 but so so so worth it, only been using them 4days now but the amount of wind he gets now is far far far less.

    Ok mummy brain setting in and thats all i can member for now but will give you a text if i get any more tips ;) And if you find anything that works please please please let me know :rofl: im trying everything no matter what the cost :)

    I hope she gets better hun and its just a phase she going through and it settles in a day or 2 :) But god forbid if she doesnt just remind yourself it doesnt last forever :) And you get used to only getting 3 hours sleep :wacko: lol trust me :)

    Big hugs Em and Jacob!! XxxXxxX
  9. bluebell

    bluebell Proud Mummy :)

    Dec 10, 2007
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    Jay was really windy for a few days (and still gets trapped wind every now and again :( ) It's so horrible when they are writhing around and you can't seem to do anything to get the wind up :(

    I realised the problem Jay had was that he was a bit congested so he coudn't latch on properly and was taking in air when feeding so I used Saline drops to clear that and a nasal aspirator (to suck out the snot - gross thought but it did work :rofl:) This has helped with his feeding :)

    I also used Infacol for about a week, it took a few days to make a difference but then seemed to help. I have also raised Jay's mattress slightly so it is at an angle. I also wind him everytime he latches off which can sometimes be five or six times during a feed.

    I found that if I held Jay over my shoulder and bounced gently on my birthing ball whilst patting his back got some wind up (and is great for my thighs too :D)

    Thankfully he does seem a bit better now and I hope Hebe gets better soon too :hug:

    Ema - I hope Jacob gets better soon too :hug:


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