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    I was chatting to a friend last night who has been struggling with secondary infertility. After several M/C's and no luck on the NHS she has taken it upon herself to research and even paid for private testing (that is not covered on the NHS or even mentioned by her docs) which has identified the problem which is treatable.

    Now this got me thinking about the spotting and bleeding I've been having. I had a scan and all seems well with our little bean but the bleeding continues which of course is worrying. When the nurse said to me "there's nothing we can do to stop the bleeding", did she mean that literally, or did she mean that there nothing they can do within NHS guidelines, this being my first pregnancy and low risk?

    I would be very curious to know how different places deal with this problem so I'd be very grateful if you'd take a min to answer the following (I have answered below)....

    1. Have you been given any treatment for your spotting/bleeding and if so has it worked?


    2. Were you offered any tests (e.g HCG, progesterone levels etc...)?

    Early scan, urine test for UTI

    3. Where do you live?


    4. What is your pregnancy history?

    1st pregnancy, no MCs

    Many Thanks :flower:

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