Trying for baby number 2 - any info handy!

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by CatherineB82, Sep 2, 2009.

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    Well where shall I start, this is my diary.........My partner and I already have a little girl called Lucie Emily and she is our pride and joy - funniest little thing i've ever known in my life!!! I have pleurisy on my right lung due to having Pneumonia when Lucie was 3 weeks, so when my partner and I decided it was time for another baby back in March i was told i had to sort out the pain in my lung before i decided to have anymore children, due to having back to back labour for 27 hours with Lucie (which they say could have been the reason for my lung packing in 3 weeks later!!!) So off i went to the hospital to check this out but got told that I had to live with it and nothing could be done with the scar tissue!! Good news and bad news in one blow!! Then my blooming wisdom teeth decide that i'm not going through enough pain so they flame up!! Got told i needed them out, so baby making was put on hold, AGAIN!! :cry: I went to the doctors and ask for my coil to be removed a month before teeth were supposed to be pulled out because couldn't wait for after as that was putting my plan back another month.
    Had teeth out on 7th August which was also my due on date and after a week of pain after that i was all ready for the rollercoster of making a yummy baby!!! Oh i'm out of breath now!! :haha:

    Since starting ovulation last weekend (which i spotted a bit) i have been at it like a rabbit (sorry for to much info), 2 days ago i spotted again and am not sure whether or not that is implantation of the egg or something else happening down there! I've done 3 test already - i know i'm crazy but it's driving me mad as i really want to see a positive test result!!
    Had mad mood swings, bloated and little period pains for the last week!

    Could anyone please let me know what else i should be looking for as i can't remember much about early pregnancy with Lucie??

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