Trying to conceive baby 4

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    Hi All , My name is Heather and I am 34 and we are trying to conceive baby number four. Our first pregnancy was twins that we had to go through IVF to get. We were told there was no way we could ever get pregnant without IVF but lo and behold we had baby number three about four years ago. I’ve always wanted for kids. We’re trying to conceive but I have PCOS and my husband has morphology issues. Honestly we haven’t actively tried to conceive since before the twins which is now almost 8 years ago. I would appreciate any helpful tips and tricks To help with conception for me or my hubby. I feel like getting pregnant may be a longshot considering our past but that again baby number three was a surprise and we weren’t even trying. We’ve been trying for about three months now still no luck. I know it’s very early in the game trust me we tried forever with the twins. Thanks for your help!
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    Hi and welcome back! Hopefully the ladies in the TTC section will have some advice. Good luck :)
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    Welcome :) Good Luck With TTC Baby number 4 <3 x

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