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    Hey everyone,

    Well, it's been a year of no success, despite charting and timed intercourse, so my gynocologist decided to do the basic IF workup: CD 3 blood test, 7 DPO blood test, HSG, and semen analysis. Semen analysis was normal, I haven't yet done the HSG (but I have no reason to think there will be a problem), but there was an issue with my bloodwork. I suspected high TSH and/or low progesterone due to my extremely low temps and luteal spotting (usually starts 5 days before full-on menses), and I was right. TSH was 5.85, and the high end of normal is 3.0. This means I am hypothyroid. I am seeing an endocrinologist next week, but I have a question for you all. My 7 DPO progesterone level is 13.6. This lab's reference range for normal is 4.4 to 28.0, so it came back as "normal". However, I've read that less than 14 is inadequate, and you really want greater than 20. Additionally, I know that hypothyroidism can lead to low progesterone levels and a luteal phase defect. Should I be concerned about my progesterone level? Also, should I request an endometrial biopsy?

    Thanks so much in advance!

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