TTC#1 for 12 months, a CM question

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    Hi Ladies,
    I ovulate regularly around CD21 to CD26, My cycles are long, ranging around 35 to 40 days, with a Luteal Phase of 13-14 days. I have been charting last 12 cycles (OPK, Cervical mucous, BBT).
    I have never been pregnant, and am trying for an year now (getting BD timing right for last 11 cycles). I really want to conceive naturally if possible, so haven't yet seeked for a medical intervention of any kind. TMI follows :
    From last 3 cycles, on every CD15 I start to secrete dirty yellow-brown cervical mucous smeared with clots of brown blood, sometimes just brown in tinge, chunks of stretchy opaque CM (not wet in consistency). This spotting /brown CM lasts from 3 to 6 days (not heavy, but frequently seen), then stops. This is then followed by some stretchy yellowish CM and then 2-3 days of wet watery secretion. I eventually ovulate between 7 to 10 days AFTER I stop seeing any brown or bloody CM (confirmed by positive OPKs and BBT shift). Rest of my cycle is as usual.
    I do not think this brown CM is ovulation spotting, as it starts about 10 days after my periods stop and and stops about 7-10 days before ovulation(since I ovulate only after CD20). I am a bit concerned, and would like to know if anyone has experienced something similar?
    Thanks in advance for anything you can share,
    Lots of love and good wishes for you

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