TTC another child, genetic counseling?

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    Hi all. I’m 36 and have a 8 year old son with nonverbal moderate/severe autism and a 5 year old typical daughter. I’ve always wanted a third child but always hesitated for a few reasons, number 1 was worrying about finances, but husband and I got to talking, and we will be relocating in a few years to a place with lower cost of living so we’ve decided to go for it and TTC #3.
    I went to my OB/gyn today (A new one since my ob retired) and told him I did not want to refill my birth control pill prescription since we were looking to TTC. He asked about my other kids and said that because my first born is not mild on the spectrum and more severe, that I should speak to a genetic counselor. I had taken my son to a geneticist a few years ago at the suggestion of his developmental pediatrician and his tests came back normal (chromosome analysis, fragile x and microarray). So I’m not really sure if his autism is definitely genetic.

    anyway I was just curious if anyone here saw a geneticist while trying to conceive another after your special needs child and if you found it worthwhile.

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