Tummy time - help?!

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by bobloblaw, Jan 28, 2011.

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    When sitting on my lap/propped up on the play mat, LO has started constantly leaning forward trying to get onto her front. Once she’s lying flat out on her front she pushes off with her legs trying to push herself along the floor, dragging her face along the mat! She doesn’t move her arms and generally shouts in frustration the whole time. But as soon as I pick her up she’s leaning forward trying to do it again! Is this tummy time?! :haha:

    I’d love to know what she is trying to achieve & how best I can help/encourage her. She’s just turned 3 months. She has never shown any interest in lying on her tummy before now. Every time we tried it previously she cried. But she’s always loved lying on our chests and going in her sling, and has good head control when she's upright. Any tips?! It would be great to hear what everyone else does with their LOs.
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    my lo gets so angry and upset when we try tummy time so we hardly do it, my mum hardly did it with me and i can hold my head up fine :haha: so i don't worry too much

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