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    I am having twins in May and want to breast feed them both- any advice?
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    read up and get as much info as u can - this forum is awesome, start stalking!
    keep your oh in the loop, so he knows how to support you in the start.
    get your pantry full of snacks high in cal content - and buy a BIG water bottle to keep full and sip all day.
    and enjoy - its the greatest bond ever x
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    I'm breastfeeding my 4 month old twins and there are a few other mommies in the twin section that bf too, might want to go to that section for any specific questions:)...My advice is this----get as much info as you can, esp. if this is your first go round with bf-ing!!!! I thought it would come naturally...HAHAHA! It was very difficult for boys didn't start exclusively BF until their 10th week. I'm not saying it will be hard for you because I know it was easy for some other moms!! I went through a lot to breastfeed though, and I didn't give up although lactation cons. told me to! My boys are doing great now and I'm so glad I perservered.

    Make sure your dr. and every staff member at your hospital knows you are planning to breastfeed! Stand up for yourself and get those babies on your boobs soon after they are born. Let them try to latch without help from nipple shields...I didn't have that chance, a lady just told me I needed nipple shields and then it was so difficult to nurse without them (they are a huge pain in the rear!).

    Get a really nice double pump! I didn't think I would need one but without it I wouldn't be bfing now. I got the Avent Isis double pump. If your babies are away from you in the beginning, pump and pump like every 2-3 hours, you need to build a supply. I pumped after every single feed for nearly 10 weeks because my babies couldn't (or wouldn't) empty my breasts. I then had to top them up with the expressed milk and sometimes formula. They got very little formula but they did get some.

    If your supply gets low or you feel it is...fenugreek is your friend, it does work for most women, it did for me. My lac. cons. told me to drink an unpasteurized beer per day also. I did a couple times and it seemed to help a little but not a whole lot.

    Be prepared for anything with twins! I was hoping for natural delivery and had a section cuz of no progression 24 hours after broken waters. My boys in NICU for 4 days with low sugar. They were given formula. So I had so many bad habits to break..they couldn't latch without shields, nipple confusion, couldn't empty the breast, I didn't have enough milk, on and on goes the list of problems!

    Let me know if you have any specifics and I hope I didn't freak you out! there are other twin moms that had it pretty easy with breastfeeding:)

    Lastly, don't give up!!! You CAN do it!

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