Two negative tests - can you please give me some advice, practical and emotional?!?

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by miss h, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. miss h

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    Jan 26, 2009
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    My partner and I are ttc. I had my implant out in the first week of february. I had the implant in for just over a year and it was great for me, but I stopped my periods completely.

    AF then arrived on march 17 (35 days after implant out), the symptoms I experienced were the same as before I had the implant fitted and lasted the normal 4 days.

    Before the implant my cycle lasted between 28 and 30 days. Therefore if things are back to normal I should of had AF turn up last week.

    I think I have been having symptoms of pregnancy - my breasts are very sore and nipples have changed colour and size (and white spots have come up around the nipple) - sorry if tmi. I am very tired, feeling run down and just managed to get a cold... yey! I am getting indigestion (which I rarely get) when I have not eaten and am getting the odd af-like pain but without the other AF feelings of "heaviness".

    So, like anyone in my position I bought a twin pack of boots Home Pregnancy tests - I took one last thursday afternoon - negative. I took the other on monday - negative.

    Now, I need a bit of advice. I know the best thing to do is wait and see what happens, but want an explanation as to why I am feeling like this... and we are very keen on having a baby soon.

    Something I do feel I need to mention is that I am currently weaning myself off medications for Bipolar disorder. This includes Lithium which does make me drink more water than usual and as a result I get up to go to the toilet a few times at night (so morning tests might not neccessarily be better).

    I am taking folic acid and other vitamins (before anyone asks).

    What would you lovely people recommend?
    Any words of encouragement would also be very appreciated.
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    Feb 21, 2009
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    Hi Miss H

    I also came off the implant back in september and i was told that technically everything should go back to normal almost straight away, but when I looked on the internet there were loads of people that said it took them a good few months for their cycle to get back to normal. I had an af a week after having the implant removed and then it was over 30 days before I had my next one (my cycles were usually 25-26 days long whilst on the implant). I am no expert but I do believe it takes a while for the hormones to get out of your system, and a lot of pregnancy symptoms are also af symptoms, so it could be your bodies idea of a mean joke!! We all know our own bodies though and if you are really unsure the best thing to do is go to the docs and ask them to do a blood test, at least that way you will know!
    Not sure that this really helps at all but just wanted to make sure you know that you're not going through this all alone, it can be a horrible and long old slog, so just hang in there!!!! :hugs:
  3. JayDee

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    Feb 20, 2009
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    If you are pregnant, the more time that passes, the more likely it is to show up on a test, whatever time of day you do it so maybe you just should test again in a couple of days if you can't have concentrated FMU as the tests suggest.

    That said, I think jemlou is right, you don't always get back to normal as soon as you'd think you would, after implant, the pill or anything else that controls your hormones. Some people have waited for months for their first proper period after birth control....

    Sorry that's not much help but at least you know you're not alone x

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