Typical day meal plan - 6 months old. Pls share yours

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    we started weaning Rohan 2 weeks ago and his typical meal plan daily is as follows....

    7am - breast milk
    8am - baby rice & fruit purée or half weetabix
    10.30 ish - breast (unless sleeping)
    12.30 - lunch - home made purée of veg mix plus dessert of either fruit purée or dessert like banana custard.
    3pm - breast milk
    5pm - dinner - home made veg and protein purée plus dessert / fruit purée
    6.30 - breast milk
    7pm - bed

    He still wakes twice / night for breast feed.

    Last week he put on 400gms on this typical menu diet.

    Does this sound right, what were your 6 months eating / drinking daily.

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