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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by Tripltemum3, Apr 10, 2022.

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    I am currently 29+4 - went in for my GTT test last week as I have a high BMI, (39) . Was also booked in for a growth scan and they said that baby is measuring big.

    Anyway, got the first blood test out of the way - although im a nightmare to get blood from . Drank the glucose drink but then when it came to the second blood test an hour later they were unable to get any blood out of me - even after 3/4 attempts in different spots! They decided to send me home with one of the blood sugar monitoring kits that I needed to do for 6 days .

    I am now on day 6 but the results fluctuate quite a lot. It says on the form that for the morning fasting pin pric test that it needs to be under 5.3 - all of mine have been either very close to the mark or over (5.2 to 5.6) And throughout the day after meals, it has fluctuated between as low as 3.6 and 8.6 ( with the amount it needs it to be below is 7.8)

    Does anyone know how they decide if it is GD at all? Ive never had to do any of these throughout any previous pregnancies and I have further 2 weekly scans booked in to check on babys growth. Other than that - im not booked in to see anyone else yet?!

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