Unplanned 3rd baby and have a lot of health concerns. Please help.

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Over 35' started by EMYJC, Jun 2, 2019.

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    I found out two days ago that I am expecting my 3rd baby! I have two DS age 9 and 4. Part of me is so happy but at the same time I am also very concerned whether I should continue with the pregnancy.

    Reasons being- I am 40
    1st baby was 6/52 early after a placental bleed at 26 weeks and then came via emergency section.
    2nd baby was 10 days overdue- weighed a whopping 11lb and resulted in a massive diastasis recti needing an umbilical hernia repair. I was told to not get pregnant again following this surgery and am very concerned if I was to progress, what could happen. Anyone have any experience of this?
    If I was to go ahead with this pregnancy I would obv need a section again as last 2 were that way. I have no family support to help with school run and live remotely meaning I need to drive etc.

    Lastly I have had moderate changes to my smears and needed colposcopy and treatments. Smear is due in July and I now wouldn't be able to have it and it is really important I keep up to date with them.

    I really really do not know what to do. My head is saying all these health worries mean it is too risky to continue but my heart is really warming to a new addition.

    Pls help and pls don't judge me.

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