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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by LovaSoon2BMom, Nov 17, 2011.

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    Oct 13, 2011
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    So I've been on metformin for a little over two weeks and I'm pleased to say I believe it is working :)

    My skin is clearing up and I'm beginning to lose weight little by little. I don't know how I'm doing on the ovulation front because at this point I'm just going through the first couple months unmonitored to give it a chance to fully kick in and to avoid my obsessing and stressing myself out about it. However, I do feel something in my ovaries. AF just started but about a week until it did I felt twinges and this strange awareness in my ovary area so I'm positive something is working down there, or at least trying to.

    My doctor started me out on 1000mg a day and said as it begins to work we'll see how I feel and if I need more we can bump it up. So far I feel good bow that it's just starting to take affect but I still feel the tension from the high androgens...I'm gonna begin an exercise regime and do some stress relief practices (and give the medication more time to work obviously) and continue NTNP until either something happens (hopefully!) or we decide we need something more.

    That's all for now, just an update :)
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    Hey i just wanted to say that i'm on metformin and its amazing. the first month it made me feel sick and very strange but it brought my cycles down from 57days to 33days in the first month of trying i also ovulated as i had a positive opk.

    i'm now on cycle 3 and again cycle two ended on day 33 so they are defo working for me.

    i do need to try and shift my half stone but i feel so much better about myself that i dont want to i love my body!

    keep us posted hun! xx

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