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  1. milo-chan

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    Jul 22, 2009
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    From my own calculations I am nearly 9 weeks pregnant and due to having morning sickness nearly 24/7 I have started feeling a little positive about this pregnancy. That is... until I read a post from one of of blogging friends who is about 9.5 weeks pregnant which stated that she had just miscarried...

    All that crap about the chance of miscarrying after hearing the heartbeat... it really doesn't make a difference, does it? You really aren't safe until you get passed the first trimester.

    I connected with this lady a lot because like me, she had a an early miscarriage at the beginning of the year and then found out she was pregnant only a week before me. I thought that life was starting to look up for the both of us.

    I can just imagine the pain she must be going through right now and wish that there was something I could do...

    All I know is now I am so worried about my baby again :( I know it's irrational but it could happen and the chance of me miscarrying again is still there :(

    Pregnancy is the first trimester is reallly NOT fun!
  2. twinkletoes80

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    Im with you Milo chan. It is a horrible 13 weeks, no doubt about it. I try and stay positive but obviously have my moments of despair. I think you just have to hand it over to God or whatever you believe in. If it isnt meant to be then it wont work out. We can look after our health and do the best for baby but the rest is out of our hands. Thats truly sad about your friend. xx
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    Jun 30, 2009
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    I agree with twinkletoes and unfortunetly we just have to stay positive and hope it was meant to be.
    Im really sorry for your friends loss :hugs:

    BABYCAREY mummy to a angel

    Aug 9, 2009
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    Hi, i know what you mean,i had and still have pains and mentioned it to midwife (i was worried a mis
    carriage)but my midwife said"theres nothing you can do,i could send you for a scan but if its going to happen theres nothing thats going to stop it!! I was a bit taken aback!! Bit harsh to be honest!(i thought)but thankfully 3weeks on still have some pains and am still waiting for my scan which im told will be around 17weeks!! Im 13 tomorrow!! Waiting game!! Hope you and baby are well.
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    I asked my doctor when my pregnancy was "safe" He said "it's never really safe untill your babies in your arms" which wasn't what I needed to hear when he'd just told me I was probably miscarrying (cramps and heavy-ish bleeding)

    I didn't miscarry though. You have loads more chance of your baby being alright now. Don't worry too much x
  6. dali

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    Apr 28, 2009
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    after the heart beat is seen i think there is less chance of a mc but even less after 12 weeks ( 90% or something are supposed tio happen before 12 weeks)
    i had an ectopic pregnancy - first sign was a tiny bit aof a bleed, as a result i spent literally my WHOLE next pregnancy checking the tissue after wiping( yes everytime - i was so scared ) i tried to relax after the 12 weeks scan when all was well but even though i felt reassured i was still so terrified that i would lose this baby too. the first thing i said after he was born was "is he ok?" even though she had just plopped him straight on my chest and looked very happy with him , lol .... well "this" baby is now 18 months old and perfect :)
    try not to worry too much hun, just because it happend to your friend dont mean it will happen to you too, theres every chance your baby will be fine good luck to you

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