Vanishing Symptoms?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by poebuffalo, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Oct 28, 2011
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    I'm now seven weeks and a couple days. I was having extreme hunger and peeing 20-too-many-times in a day. That seems to have diminished as well as the hunger. I'm still intensely bloated and my breasts are starting to become tender (but barely.) and still no "highway veins." Cramping is occasional through out the day. I hear it's normal to worry in the early weeks but I also read chances of mc are about 5% after the six week mark.

    Doc said at five weeks the sac was looking strong and the fluid looked healthy.

    Anyone else having the issue of trading or vanishing symptoms? Or had any issues at week seven with no past mc's & healthy ultrasound? I just worry myself sick and I'm not supposed to hear the heart beat until the 28th. Oh good grief.
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    I don't want to read and run, but I wanted to wish you luck. A lot of women go through this, and laugh when their symptoms return with a vengeance.
    Call your doctor and tell him/her your concerns. Tell them how frightened you are, and perhaps they'll do a reassurance scan.
    Best of luck. <3
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    Don't worry. Many women's symptoms deminish as they get further along. I personally never had symptoms throughout my whole pregnancy with Baby #1 excpt heartburn near the end.

    And the going to the bathroom alot, I've had a MC and I'm still going to the bathroom alot, so I don't think you should let that one bother you. You're just a lucky one. My friend who is now 25 weeks preggo still doesn't go to the bathroom that often. IDK how, but she doesn't.

    Just relax, your baby needs you to be as stress free as possible. :)

    Have a happy and healthy 9 months!
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    Every woman is different with her pregnancy so the "norm" isn't really the norm lol Symptoms come and go constantly throughout the 40 weeks. Try not to worry yourself xx

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