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    Hi ladies,
    So I know it's a little early given I am only 23 weeks but wanted to know your stories & thoughts.
    Am consultant lead and will be having regular growth scans from 32 weeks as my previous baby was quite small as well as reactant miscarriages.
    My previous birth ended in emergency C-section due to undiagnosed breach & low fetal heartbeat with each contractions. So this time round I can opt for a planned C-section. I also suffered quite badly with postnatal depression which I don't know if the traumatic birth played a part in.

    I haven't a clue what to do this time round but then again it could be taken out of my hands if this baby is breech!

    I kinda want to try natural but then I am drawn to the planned section given knowing exactly what's going to happen and when. Its the recovery am so scared of. The natural side I'd really like to happen but so scared incase it ended in an emergency C-section.

    Love to hear your stories and thoughts ladies xx

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