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    Sep 8, 2012
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    Just got my first ultrasound yesterday. I will be 9 weeks tomorrow. Baby is healthy and moving around so much, perfect heartbeat. What a great surprise. I orginally googled a few mins ago 4d ultrasounds of biracial babies and got to this site where a woman was saying she had posted a pic of hers and her baby happens to have a Nigerian father and white mother, just like my baby. I am just so curious about what my baby is going to look like, as this is our first child. I know he or she will be gorgeous. But I have a while to go and the anticipation is killing me! I signed up just to view her pic and can't find it anywhere. Does anyone else have any 3 or 4d ultrasound or newborn pics? I'm just so curious..thank you and God Bless

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