Viewing a Nursery - What Questions to ask?

Discussion in 'Toddler & Pre-School' started by MrsPhillips, Aug 26, 2009.

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    Well although I am only in my 2nd tri, I need to return to work when LO will be 3months. I am planning on LO going to nursery 1 day a week. There are 2 very good ones near me, and I am going to view one next Thurs. It seems that already they are almost full for when we need them, so I need to register baby ASAP. So, I was thinking, what are the best things to ask?

    thanks for your help as always xx
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    Opening times (eg 7.30 or 7.45am- 15 mins can make a big difference.)

    Holidays- think most take a week at Christmas.

    Do the kids get to play outside?

    What sort of food do they get?

    These were the things I was interested in. Most nurseries take the childcare vouchers, and most will have the maximum ratio of kids per adult. The T&C's are very similar in them all.
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    Most do shut at Christmas but ask them about payment breaks through year - I can take two weeks off without paying in one school year.

    Also how flexible are they about booking the odd extra day - mine will always try and fit you in and if I have to miss one session they will let me book another session in the same calender month (within reason)

    You'll have to provide nappies, cream, wipes etc but worth checking

    Make sure you check sleeping arrangements as well - is it a seperate room or just an area within the main room

    Lastly and unfortunately ask about the security - every door locked at mine and double locked doors to get in - also have to provide photos of anyone who may pick up and password system as a double check

    Hope this helps :thumbup:

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