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Discussion in 'Toddler & Pre-School' started by bubbles, Dec 11, 2009.

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    Just wondering what age is average for walking and talking? Edward has been crawling since 6months and has recently taken a couple of steps but only when he really wants to. As for the talking he is almost always babbling but only says things like dadada, ahhhh and sss he also says a variation on Yojojo (we know this as he only does it to his yojojo toy) He never says mama :nope:

    Oh BTW he's just coming up to 13months
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    Jacob crawled at 6months and walked across the floor at 10month (took a fae steps at 9) he is now running around...BUT if you had met jacob you will see he's a lil monkey and there is no stopping him. Now he is running around and never crawls. He is constantly on the go. He can say the following words:

    Mummeeee (mummy)
    Baby (baby when he see anyone young there a baby even if there bigger than him :rofl:)
    B-dee (birdie)
    Bye bye(Bye bye)
    Cat (cat)
    Bb-ll (ball when every he sees a ball he goes mad with this)
    arrr (car)

    he can also do the following
    Jacob what does the sheep say : baaa
    Jacob what does the doggy say : ouf ouf
    Jacob what does the cat say : ahh (meow)
    Jacob what does the cow say: oooooooo (moo)
    Jacob what does the horsie say: Click his tongue and bounces up and down

    He also knows other things like ill say Jacob want to go upstairs ? And he'll walk to the stairs and try to open the stair gate.

    BUT i know a lil lad who is 6 weeks older than jacob (coming up to 16months)

    And he is only just steady on his feet and speaks very lil its more babbling.

    Just bare in mind they are all different and get there in the end so dont worry and trust me enjoy this time, as jacob is a NIGHTMARE :rofl:


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