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Discussion in 'Teen Pregnancy' started by thedog, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. thedog

    thedog Guest

    Ok so with it being christmas tomorrow im dying to tell everyone :happydance:
    But i dont know if it's too early, im only 5 weeks 1 day, and im still scared something will go wrong.
    Im not planning on telling friends yet, just parents, brother and sister.

    I really dont know what to do, what do you think? :wohoo:
  2. Jas029

    Jas029 Guest

    I know it's hard but I recommend waiting til your out of the major mc zone..
    But I guess as long as they're happy to hear the news even if you do MC you could have their love and support there to help you through it.
    Just wouldn't want them taking the news the wrong way and have it be a bad xmas but I don't know your situation :hugs:
  3. Zebra Stars

    Zebra Stars 3RD Trimester

    Nov 23, 2009
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    ive done the oposite to you.
    ive told ALL my friends, not teling my parents until after 1st tri, because im also scarred of miscariage,

    its up to you but if you can tell your parents (which is the hardest) u can easily tell your friends but do you want them to know?

    i told my friends because if i mc they will be here 4 me and we will have a good time as they are always there for me
  4. Luke's_mummy

    Luke's_mummy Guest

    I told my parents as soon as i found out and then didnt tell (preeety much) anyone else untill after i made it throught the danger zone xx
  5. trashit

    trashit Guest

    I told my mum and she told pretty much everyone without my consent.. Except my nana cos i begged her not to til after the first scan. I told one friend and just put scan photo on fb to announce to every1 else.. X
  6. annawrigley

    annawrigley Guest

    if you want to then go for it! i know theres no way i couldve waited til after 12 weeks to tell my mum, like a few others have said you will need their support more than anyones if god forbid you did miscarry
  7. thedog

    thedog Guest

    Thanks :) i might just have a little think and see whats best :) xxx merry xmas 2 u all!
  8. annawrigley

    annawrigley Guest

    you too :yipee: im like a little kid when it comes to christmas, still get so excited!
    yeah good plan and maybe dont tell them today just in case they react badly and you end up having a bad xmas :( fingers crossed that wont happen though! xx
  9. Kailynnsmommy

    Kailynnsmommy mommy to a princess <3

    Oct 21, 2009
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    i told my mom right away. but otherthan that the only people who know are my friends brother and cousin who is my nurse at obgyn. i have a really big family and nobody knows and im 15 weeks!
  10. stephx

    stephx Well-Known Member

    Jun 24, 2009
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    I told everyone straight away... I didn't want to, I wanted to wait for the scan just incase. But my OH annouced it on facebook :) Clever boy...

    Maybe wait untill new years? Then you would be an extra week in and it would still be a special time.

  11. thedog

    thedog Guest

    I did tell my mum dad sis and bro today and their o/h's, it went well :) xx
  12. annawrigley

    annawrigley Guest

    good :hugs: xx

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