Was anybody induced due to history of stillbirth?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy After A Loss' started by HSDR2017, Sep 29, 2017.

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    In general, has anybody been induced because they had a history of stillbirth? My son was stillborn last September at 33 weeks of pregnancy and I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant with a baby girl.

    I was diagnosed with Velamentous Cord Insertion and Vasa Previa at 18 weeks, 24 weeks and then final confirmation at 29 weeks via U/S. I was admitted at 32 weeks and was supposed to have a scheduled c-section at 35 weeks to make sure my baby could make it through labor and there were no complications. On my 2nd day in the hospital on 8/22, they did a U/S and then an internal U/S and told me the Vasa Previa had moved far enough away from the cervix and they released me that day after my 2nd dose of the steroid injection with NO restrictions (not even pelvic rest).

    I'm concerned the Vasa Previa may still be there or that if I go into labor at home, the baby will end up stillborn the same was my son was.

    I'm also on heparin twice a day due to history of PE after I lost my son last year... I thought they usually induced if not for the emotional hardship of going so much past term (37 weeks is no longer "pre-term") after stillbirth, then atleast to control the blood thinner... My OB said it wont be until 39 weeks if then and I do NOT feel comfortable going so far given my history on top of the fact I still could have Vasa Previa/VCI and in that case its terrifying to think I could go into labor on my own and lose my baby THIS FAR in my pregnancy after I already experienced loss just last year 4 weeks earlier...

    Any advice, suggestions, personal experiences, etc., would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,
    Stillborn Mommy

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