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  1. Leanne&Bump..x

    Leanne&Bump..x Mam of Karl & a Pup x

    Sep 24, 2008
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    Im leaning towards a water birth, if it is possible..
    I know some of the good points, such as:
    *The water helps ease the contractions
    *Less likely to tear
    *The baby is born from water to water therefore some babies are more calmer
    Does anybody know any more?

    The only bad point i know so far is that with a water birth your only pain relief is gas and air, and you need to climb out to a bed to deliver the placenta (i dont mind that though)does anybody have anymore ?

    Has anyone had a water birth? What was your experience like..good and bad please :)
    Thanks x
  2. Mervs Mum

    Mervs Mum Doula & Mum of 3!

    Dec 29, 2007
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    I didnt have a water birth but I did use the pool. I wasnt in long (about an hour) as I was almost fully dialated and decided I wanted out!! I have to say though when I got in it really did help with the contractions. They say they wont put you in if you've had pethadine but they put me in.....it had pretty much worn off though and I had hubby, MW and a nurse with me.


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